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It has not been a good few weeks in our household when it comes to being healthy. There are 8 ears in out house and 5 of them are infected. My husband is the only one who has escaped unharmed. Lucky duck. My most recent adventure in getting my family well included me and my youngest leaving church during the first song to take her to the redi care center. Poor baby was just miserable. I will spare you the snotty details but trust me it was pitiful.

So after waiting an hour and a half to see a Dr. (I was truly thankful to actually see some one on a Sunday!) she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Whew! Mom is not over reacting and Molly will be getting some relief. We are leaving with a prescription in hand and I ask the Dr. if they can call it into our pharmacy. She told me that they were to busy to call it in BUT Giant was not charging for certain antibiotics and our script was one of them! DING DING DING! She said my favorite word.... FREE!!! I was doubtful but felt it was worth a shot. Long story short we got our script free of charge. No questions asked. No gimmicks. Shocking.

Here are the details from the website.

Q: Why is GIANT offering this program?

A: Our pharmacies are committed to improving the health and wellness of our customers. We also hope this program will offer added convenience and value to our customers during these challenging economic times.

This is one more way we are trying to help customers maximize value and stretch their dollars.

Q. Will I earn Gas Extra Reward points on my free antibiotics?

A. No, you only earn gas points on out of pocket expenses, since they are free, no Gas Extra
Reward points will be given.

Q: What antibiotics (forms) are included/covered?

A: This program includes a select list of commonly prescribed oral tablets, capsules, liquids and two ophthalmic ointments; however, injectables are not covered. For a complete list of covered antibiotics, click here (.pdf).

Q: How were these antibiotics chosen for the program?

A: These antibiotics were selected from a list of seven specific families of drugs most often prescribed to children and adults.

Q: How does this work? (Refills? Days supply limits?)

A: You can receive up to a 14-day free supply of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics with a valid prescription. Simply bring in your antibiotic prescription to any GIANT Pharmacy, and we will fill it for free. Refills are covered as well, until April 18, 2009.

Q: Can you refund me for the prescription I had previously filled?

A: This program will only apply to new prescriptions and refills. We cannot apply the discount to any previously filled prescription or refills.

Q: I have a coupon, can I use it?

A: The redemption of coupons, or any other offers, is not permitted in conjunction with a free
antibiotic prescription.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of free antibiotic prescriptions a family can fill?

A: No, there is no limit during the promotional time frame.

Q: Won’t this encourage customers to misuse antibiotics for ailments that can’t be effectively treated with them?

A: Antibiotic resistance is an important issue. Many cough/cold illnesses are caused by viruses, rather than bacteria. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses. Misuse of antibiotics can cause bacteria to develop resistance. Your health care provider is best suited to determine whether antibiotic use is appropriate for you.

I don't know if this is an offer at your local grocery store. It might just be worth your while to check it out. Feel better everyone!

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