I ROCKED Target!

Well it wasn't an actual take over of penny pinching fabulousness at Target but it was an awesome deal. The Kashi people have a yummy new bar called the Soft Baked. HERE is a link for $2 off. You do have to download their coupon printing program and you can only print 2 per computer. Then go HERE and download the in store coupon for $1 off Kashi.

My store had them on special for $2.75
                                  Target coupon -1.00
                                  Kashi coupon - 2.00

I bought 2 boxes.  My total before coupons was $5.50 ( thanks to the boxes being of temporary price cut.)   They took off both of the Kashi coupons and one of the Target coupons.  **They would have taken both of the target coupons off but they are not allowed to have a $0 balance due.** Sooooo if I had picked up a pack of gum (or anything worth .50) not only would I have gotten my boxes of bars for free but I would have gotten my gum free as well.  Was that clear as mud?  By adding the .50 item it would have brought by amount due to the exact amount of my coupons.  Lesson learned.

Photo from Kashi.com

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