Why Didn't Any One Tell Me!?

Possibly it is because you thought I knew but I didn't.  Turns out Walgreens has this program called "Easy Saver".  You aren't kidding me!  This month they have 6 items that are free after rebate.  PLUS you can do your rebate on line I was in today and I was able to get the multi-purpose solution, the shampoo and the cold care lozenges.  They were out of the other three.  Go figure.  But I will be back don't you worry!  In fact while I was there a clerk was ordering more of the lip gloss and the foundation.  She said that they are not able to keep the free items in stock.  Not a surprise.  She also told me that you are able to use a manufacture coupon on top of the Wallgreens in store coupon.  (This is called stacking coupons.)

Once you have gotten your freebies go through the little easy saver booklet and check out the other money saving coupons.  Keep in mind because they are Wallgreens coupons you can stack THESE coupons with manufacture coupons!  PLUS...it gets better...through out the month these items in the booklets will go on SALE.  Did you get that? On sale, Wallgreens coupon and then stack it with a manufacture coupon.  How cheap can you get it?

**Photos from Wallgreens.com

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