My Walgreens Deal 2/27

I am getting better and better at this coupon stacking thing.  Let me tell you about my deals pictured above.
Transaction 1
Gillette Gammer Razor   on sale 8.99
MFG coupon -4.00
Gillette 2.5 oz shave gel  clearance 1.29
MFG coupon -1.00
Total    with tax 5.90

The razor was apart of a Register Rewards.  Once I paid it printed out a $6.00 coupon.  To be used like cash on my next purchase.  So after tax they paid me .10 to take these two items out of the store!

Transaction 2  
Excedrin Migraine 24 ct.       on sale 1.99
MFG coupon                                       -2.00      

Johnson & Johnson Red Cross First aid kits   2@ 1.49
MFG coupon                 save $3.00 on 2 items

Oust Air sanitizes           on sale   2.99
MFG coupon B1G1F
                  1.50 each

Mitchum 2.5 oz deodorant     2@  4.99 each
walgreens in store coupon 2@  1.99 each
  2 for $4.00

6 Hershey candy bars              .89 each
walgreens B1G1F coupon
6 for  2.10

redeem my $6.00 RR from transaction #1  -$6.00

When it was all said and done I paid $4.19 with tax.  Now I could have paid less if I had not gotten a deodorant but my husband uses this brand exclusively and now I don't need to buy deodorant for the rest of the year.  And it was GREAT price.  Not as good as free but a great price for that brand.  I could have lowered my bill more but my daughter and I are going to see the play "Annie" tonight and I wanted her to have a snack or two to take along.  And I wanted my mom to have a chocolate bar to take with her on the drive home.  Thanks for watching my kids while I did the coupon dance mom!

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