We are back from Old Navy

We just got back from Old Navy and the girls had a great time looking at all the items. We were almost going to get Valentine t-shirts but Emily spotted the soccer balls on the way to the register. Turns out this was the best deal of all. (They do not need another shirt but it was free...who am I to complain?) 

Here is the breakdown:

Original price of ball: $8.50
In Store Promotion:    $2.00 ($6.50 discount)
$5 Coloring Coupon:   $5.00


With the balls being $2 we 'splurged' and go 2 per girl. We walked out of the store with 4 balls (sticker price$34) for FREE.  I don't know what the girls like more,  getting the $5 certificate or walking out the store with their own bag.  Got to love free.

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