Baby Sitter Notebook

My husband was the inspiration for this paper craft. He suggested that I do a baby sitters note pad and then post it as a freebie on the blog. I just took it one step further and used a freebie from Lauren Meader and Papertry Ink. Lauren is so generous to let us try her template for the recipe wrap-up . She and her designing friends give you great idea on how to use this versatile template. Go download it and leave her some love because I am sure you will be finding all sorts of projects for this template. Just for your information I used the Happiness freebie kit from Summer Driggs. If you download it tell her much you love it!

On to the project!

Step 1. Download the recipe wrap-up template, leave love.
Step 2. Download the happiness freebie, leave love.
Step 3. Print out 2 8 1/2 x 11 of paper of your choice from the Happiness collection. Be sure to print one side and then run them back through on the opposite side to make them reversible.

Step 4. Print out the babysitter pockets and babysitter pocket 2 file.

Step 5. Cut out all your pieces.

Step 6. Cut 3/4" off of each of the 11" sides of the background. Note the trim section of the template from Lauren.

Step 7. Follow Lauren's score lines and score the background and the pockets.

Step 8. Use double stick tape to join the 2 backgrounds together.

Step 9. Apply double stick tape to the flaps of the pockets and then fold. I found tape then folding worked better for me. If it works the other way around for you go for it!

Step 10. Affix the pockets to the folded background.

Step 11. Print out and trim the child note pages and the emergency note page papers for the pockets. I trim them to 3"x6".

Step 12. I affixed a ribbon on the outside with double stick tape. OR you can follow the template, pierce your paper and thread string through.

You did it. Here are your freebie links from me but be sure to go to the links at the top to complete your project.! Pocket 1
Pocket 2
Emergency Papers
Child Papers


kc said...

Love what you did with this template! It looks great. I thought I would use it to sort some of my coupons!

Sarah said...

That is going to be another one of my projects!