Great Stuff

Now just so you know I do not work for Dow industries. No one that I know works for them for that matter!

With it being as cold as it is here in the north it got me to thinking about how people insulate their homes in the winter. I remember that shortly after we moved into our home my husband opened up all the outlets on the exterior walls and squirted this 'STUFF' into the empty space in the outlet. If you think about it your entire wall is insulated with the exception of the outlets. So basically you have this thinly covered rectangle hole in the side of your wall. By using an insulation you are stopping air flow thought the outlets! Replace the covers and out of sight out of mind. But you will remember that they are insulated and saving you energy dollars!

Another thing he did was squirt 'STUFF' in the crack where out bilco-doors are joined to the house. If you have access to where they are joined to your house take a look and see how big that crack really is!

Be sure to use the correct 'stuff'. There are different types for different applications. Check out the website to see all the possibilities and how to use the product.

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