Draft Dodger

I have a large slider door in my kitchen and I have noticed that I call feel cold air leaking in at the bottom. The air is coming from the trough where the door slides back. So what do i do about it!? Block it! Or as Martha would say "Dodge it!" Here is a video that inspired my draft dodger. For my fabric I used cream flannel. Cream because it 'blended' with the framework of the door but you can use what ever you have on hand. I was fortunate to have fabric on hand. I come from a sewing family so finding scrap fabric never seems to be a problem.

Now Martha uses some sort of expensive earth friendly kitty litter. I am all for earth friendly thing but these are penny pinching times and I am not going out to buy kitty litter when I don't have a cat! So I filled my draft dodger with rice. Dry rice that is! I have a huge 25 pound bag of rice from Bj's and I just scooped enough to fill my tube about 3/4 full. I am sure you could get creative and add essential oils like lavender or cinnamon but as I said before these are penny pinching times and I don't have those in stock right now.

You can make these for any door or window that has a draft. I don't know if it will make a huge difference in our gas bill but at least my tooties won't be cold when I walk by the slider!

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