MMMM Coffee

Don't throw away your cold coffee or even your coffee grounds. Give them to your plants. Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and wonderful for nutrient loving plants such as tomatoes.  Your tomatoes will also benefit from the added nitrogen as it will aid in the tomatoes ability to suppress late blight.   Your house plants would love a drink of your cold coffee as well.

The coffee grounds make a wonderful addition to a compost pile. Also use them as mulch. The dark color looks fabulous as a background for your bright colored plants. Who wouldn't want to brush up against some coffee mulch and smell the fabulous aroma?!

Have a slug or snail problem? Not a problem for coffee mulch. The little buggers crawl across the caffeinated concoction and it is curtains for them. Your coffee and grounds will do double duty for you and you have pinched a penny a little further. Oh, if you do follow this little penny pinching tip...please remove your filter. Just because you are pinching pennies doesn't mean you have to be trashy.

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