The Joys of Goodwill Industries

I recently got a seasonal job where I need to wear khaki pants.  So off to Goodwill I went.  Goodwill is not just a place to drop off your outgrown or no longer needed clothes, shoes and household goods but a great place to find an awesome deal!  As with any shopping experience I came out with more items than I had originally intended.  I went in for a pair or two of khaki pants and came out with a pair of khaki's and 2 pairs of jeans.  But check out my deal!

Gap Jeans: $6
Apostrophe pants: $4.50

I doubt you can get this good of a deal off the clearance rack.  I could not see any wear marks, tears, or stains.  All zippers, buttons and clasps worked perfectly.  You may be thinking: "Ew!  You would wear some one elses' clothes that they donated!"  But when you go to the store other people have tried on that pair of pants before you.   When I got home I just cut off the tags and popped them in the washer.  No big deal.

When you donate or buy from Goodwill it is a win/win for you and your community.  I found this on the Goodwill website:
"When you shop at Goodwill, you get great bargains and help someone find a job. The money you spend in Goodwill stores goes to support job training and placement programs for people with disabilities and other disadvantages.
Goodwill stores feature gently-used and new items that are bargains for smart shoppers. The more than 2,200 Goodwill stores in North America are independently owned and operated, but most Goodwill's offer basic items that guarantee great finds — jeans, business attire, baby and children’s clothing, housewares and appliances, furniture and more."

How wonderful is that?!


C. M. Drinkut said...

Goodwill is a win win - for sure. But, the gap does provide more sizes to ensure a good fit. One thing that is a real bummer is to find something awesome at Gwill and then it be too big, too small, but the price and the support it creates make it worthy of its name.

C. M. Drinkut said...

Goodwill is worthy of its name.

The bummer of Gwill is when you find the right thing but the size is off, otherwise its one of the hottest deals in town.