Just how much can you cut back?

I read a number of blogs every day that deal with everything from Technology stories, to the local news, and they cover the full gamut all the way to other blogs dealing with saving and financial issues. One of my favorite blogs is Get Rich Slowly. JD posts several times a day with excellent posts on taking advantage of simply steps to help you save money and gain wealth.

Today he has an excellent post titled "How Low Can You Go? Cutting Back to a Minimum" This is right up our alley as these are perfect examples of things you can do to squeeze a few more pennies out of your purchases. Here is a short excerpt:

"I was sick again yesterday morning. To console myself, I made a cup of cocoa. As I was preparing to add the required three tablespoons of chocolate powder, it occurred to me that maybe I could get by with two tablespoons. I’d be saving calories and money at the same time!

The cocoa wasn’t quite as good as usual, but it was good enough. And by dropping to two tablespoons instead of three, I saved 33% (or about 29 cents)."
Keep tuned to our blog as we bring more topics like this and if you'd like to read more of JD's post, check it out here

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