Home Made Starch

My husband was out of his spray starch.  It was on my grocery list when I had a brainstorm.  I wonder if I can MAKE starch.  We had the trigger spray bottle left over so why not try and fill it up with a home made concoction?  Here is what I found:

I did the 1 Tablespoon corn starch to 2 cups of water.  I did heat the mixture up to try and help dissolve the cornstarch.  I let it cool and then dumped it in the trigger bottle he had emptied.  I told my husband to just give it a shake each time he used it to shake up any sediments.  After a week of use I have heard no complaints other than there is no "fresh smell".  If you would like you could add essential oil like lavender or tee tree oil.  But we don't have any of those in our house so my husband is going to have to deal with out the fragrance.  Happy ironing!


Viagens Lacoste said...
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Melanie said...

Sarah, You are better than Mac Guyver!!