Juice for .75?

My newest favorite place is Save Smart.  It is a new grocery store in Dover, Pa that is a no frills grocery.  No childcare, no canned music, no deli, no bakery and no pharmacy.  The cans and boxes are still in their shipping boxes.  They just cut the face of the box off and toss it up on the shelf.  You bring your own bags. (Yeah environment)  If you forget a bag you can buy one for $.03.  You are probably thinking... well why do you go?  Because there are awesome deals and I am a Penny Pincher.  I got Macintosh apples for .77 a pound, canned black beans for .55 a can, and Cheerios for $1.80 a box. ( I will have to check on that price but I know it was less than $2 a box) AND THEY ACCEPT MANUFACTURE COUPONS! 

But my biggest deal was Minute Maid Country Style orange juice ( the kind that comes in the carton) for....drum roll please.... $.75!  That is the beautiful thing about SS... they get these shipments in and they are not only name brands but CHEAP!!  So I bought 3 of them and popped 2 of them in the freezer for a rainy day.

So if you are in or around York, Pa... go to Save Smart and get your cheap juice!

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