Candy Conversations Heart Wrapper

Here is a box wrapper for you to use to wrap up your conversation heart boxes. I found 1 oz boxes of Necco Sweethearts at BJ's and that is what this template is designed for. HERE is the download.

Step 1. Print out the page on card stock.
Step 2. Cut them apart.
Step 3. Score them 2 1/2" from the left and the right side.
Step 4. Cut 2, 14" lengths of 1/8" OR 1/4"ribbon. I used white but red would be nice as well.
Step 5. Apply double stick tape width wise on the back of the wrap. I used 1/8" width.
Step 6. Center your ribbon on the tape and press to adhere.
Step 7. Wrap the Candy Conversations Heart Wrapper around a 1 oz box of Necco Sweethearts. Press the tape onto the box. This will help when you tie the ribbon.
Step 8. Tie ribbon.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I would like to give credit to Yari at Jady Day Studio for the Dipped in Chocolate Freebie that I used for this wrapper. The only element that is not hers is the white zig zag. I had that in my stash. Check out her blog. She does beautiful work.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the valentine wraps. Love the tictac one for the grandsons.


garbo said...

This is so sweet, thanks so much :)

kristine said...

cute blog!