Do You Know About Red Box?

Have you discovered Red Box movie rentals? It is a vending machine that dispenses DVD's and the machines are located in convenient locations. For me my local Redbox location is at my grocery store. The great thing about Redbox is that each DVD costs $1 to rent per day. So if you are picking up some groceries and want to take home a movie to watch that night it is right there and it will cost you $1. No additional stops to the movie store and it is cheaper than the movie store. The trick is you have to return it by 9 p.m. the day after you rent the DVD or they will charge you an additional $1 (plus tax). The penny pincher in me wanted to see if there were any deals or specials to be had. So I went on their web site and found that if you sign up for their SMS alert you get a text message to your phone with Redbox offers. Recently it has been a free DVD rental on Mondays. There is also an offer for first time renters to receive a free movie rental via e-mail. Both are wonderful offers. So pinch a penny in the new year and snuggle up with your loved one and a DVD rental from Redbox!

photo by ShawnblogLicense: Creative Commons


DiamondsSaphire said...

I absolutely LUV Redbox. I haven't stepped in to a movie rental store in 2 years. Granted they don't have a huge selection but if I want to rent a movie I haven't seen, they are good for that.

Casey said...

I got a free rental code on my McDonald's drink cup! :)