Your Blog is Fabulous!

I was having 'blog time' and was reading over at Lesley and Pinktoque and much to my surprise she thought enough of this blog to give it the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award. Thanks so much! Lesley has been such and inspiration to me with my digital scrap booking and general crafting. Pop on over HERE to check her out.

As per the instructions here are my 5 addictions (at the moment):
1. Digital Scrapbooking
2. Preparing for Christmas
3. Preparing for Thanksgiving
4. Plucking my eyebrows ( you asked!)
5. Finding ways to pinch yet another penny!

I am suppose to pass this onto 5 other bloggers but I don't know that many!! I promise as I find blogs that are deserving I will pass it along! Thanks so much Lesley and Pinktoque.com!!

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