Save That Hard Brown Sugar

Photo: Shutterstock

Yesterday my mom brought me a brick of brown sugar.  You could have hurt someone with it, that is how hard it was!  She was at a loss as to what to do with it.  She was going to throw it out but figured I could use it in a chili or something.  

This was a perfect opportunity to try a remedy I had heard of but never tried.  I used a cut piece of apple and added it to the sealed container.  With in a few hours the edge of the brick was softening.  It took just under 24 hours and it was better than new!

What a great way of pinching pennies!  Instead of tossing it I was able to save it and save my mom some money.  I am returning her sugar to her the next time I see her.


Karlene said...

A slice of bread works really good too!

Claudia said...

Thanks what a great tip.