My Review of My Pic Tales Book ~ Belle this is for you!

I am quite pleased with my 8x8 book I orderd from mypictales.com.  The book came wrapped in a cello bag and was tightly fit in to its packing box.  The cover was so nice!  I wasn't sure what to expect when I did a custom cover.  I did  simple black cover with our names on the back and the title on the front.  Instead of being limited to a few standard fonts I was able to use a font that I had in my library of fonts.  Such personalization!  I would say the cover felt laminated but I know that is not the technical term.  It is comparable to the lovely coffee table books you are able to buy in a book store. I think this year I am going to play around with a few ideas and try something different and more challenging with my cover.

At first I was a little unhappy with the quality of the print of the pages at first glance.  I had saved everything in 300 DPI and the highest quality I could.  The pages had a bit of a grainy look to them.  I pulled out the Shutterfly book I had made last year and compared the pages.  The My Pic Tales book was equal if not better quality in comparison to the Shutterfly book. I guess technology for printing for the every day book maker had not caught up to my expectations.  I can live with that.

The pages seem to be securely affixed to the binding and the quality of the paper has withstood my 2 year old looking through it (with supervision).  The edges of the pages are cleanly cut and not jagged at all.  Nice and crisp.  The whole feel of the book just oozes quality. 

My 2009 family album will be slightly different.  I have learned about bleed, canvas size, trim and safety zone.  My Pic Tales has a wonderful tutorial HERE.  It lays out all the dimensions and cutting zones so your precious pages are able to be printed in all their glory.  I had a few questions in my uploading and ordering my book and the staff was super fast at getting back to me with an easy answer.  I was able to take advantage of a coupon code found on the front page and save even more on the already awesome value of My Pic Tales.

I will be ordering from My Pic Tales again in the future and will point all my digital friend to them for their printing needs.  Go check them out and have your memories printed and bound with quality.

Photo from Mypictales.com

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