Coffee Sugar Scrub

Coffee is wonderful to invigorate you in the morning. You probably have a cup of joe in the morning so why not kick start your routine and start the day with a coffee sugar scrub? The caffeine in the coffee brings the blood to the surface and helps disperse the cellulite cells (over time that is!). The olive oil is an excellent moisturizer and the oatmeal helps retain that moisture. The sugar is a great exfoliant. So this is how I make my coffee/sugar scrub.

Coffee Grounds
Use coffee grounds, ground to an espresso or even turkish ground. They type of coffee doesn't matter.
White Sugar (brown can be substituted if you wish)
Oatmeal (ground to a fine powder in the food processor)
Olive oil
Vegetable oil


Combine equal parts of coffee grounds and sugar.
Add 1/2 cup ground oatmeal per 2 cups of coffee grounds.
Stir in olive oil so the mixture looks like sloppy wet sand that you find at the edge of the ocean where the waves crash.
Add vegetable oil if you want it to be more oily. All olive oil can be used but I pinched pennies by doing 1/2 olive oil, 1/2 vegetable oil.

Once this is all stirred around and combined you are ready to package. I found containers at Sunburst Bottle Co. I used the 8 oz. clear with black lid I even got the coordinating shrink bands for that extra special professional look. I am sure there are other packaging companies out there but this is the company I went with. If you happen to choose this particular size container I have a label for you. I printed this on a sheet of self adhesive sticker sheet, cut them apart and put them on the container before I put on the shrink band.


PS Also pictured are the personalized coffee sleeves I had blogged about HERE.


tigger said...

Now THAT'S a neat looking scrub! I've just finished everything for this year but I think this will be great for next year. Thank you for the beautiful idea! I'm gonna look around some more. I like your thinking!

Monica said...

Thank you so much for this recipe!! I love it and am going to make it for myself. One question... Is the coffee already used (as in already brewed once) or is it fresh from the package at the store? I've been making a sugar scrub for myself for some time, but I can't wait to try this one out!

Hugs to you, Monica

Sarah said...

I use fresh coffee. As in no hot water has touched it. I do run the beans through the coffee grinder at my grocery store with the grinder set to 'turkish' or espresso. Let me know how you like it. I think it is awesome.