A Bag Topper

I went out and found the cello bags today at our local paper supply store. I got the ones that are 6" wide with a 3" depth and a 15" height. I had a lot of fun putting together the bag topper and I hope that you are able to use it and enjoy it.

This is the topper I created. As you can see you get 2 toppers out of each printing. The individual topper is 5 1/2" wide and 8 1/2" long. Once printed out, cut the page in 1/2. The topper is meant to be folded in 1/2 and stapled onto your bag. The reason the topper measures 5 1/2" instead of 6" is that once the bag is filled it will no longer be 6"!

The file is a .jpg and it is 300 DPI so you will have great quality but a bigish file. This is my own creation using the freebies of others. So please do not redistribute this as your own. Link back to this blog if you must. Absolutely no making money with my generosity!!

Now for credits. I have never posted something that I have made out of the generosity of others so I am going to do my best. All of the elements were posted on DigiFree.
The Papers are from the Wide Eyed Wonder by Misty Cato Sweet Shoppe Designs
The string wrap, heart dangle, and note card were created by Angelflight Scraps
The quote was found on DigiFree and I can't find the credit! So if it is yours please let me know so I can credit you.

Edit: the word art was created by this awesome designer Thanks for your generosity!


Maria said...

Thanks for the credit! :-)

If you want your blog on digifree then I'll need to talk to you because you have links which are confusing for a system (i.e., things that look like freebies but are not and/or links which are freebies but don't look like them). If you read the DigiFree FAQ you might be able to see what I mean.


Kathy said...

I saw your freebie on DigiFree and recognized my WordArt. This was one of my Greeting Card WordArt designs. Nice to see it being used in a cute way. ~ Kathy